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It was back in 2018, almost 4 years back, when Vedic Wedding Galleries spread their wings and set their flight towards exploring the world of wedding photography. With the principal motto of providing utmost satisfaction to our clients.

If you are looking forward to hiring best wedding photographer, here’s why we can be exactly what you are looking for. We have an experience of over seven years with a number of super satisfied clients to our kitty. We boast of a team of seasoned professionals, who are some of the best for their wedding couple photography. Packages to the customized pricing, we stay very clear about our charges. We tailor the best packages according to our client’s requirements. With the use of top-notch equipment and efficient skills in editing, we have created a benchmark in the wedding photography scenario of India.


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Here are some of the surreal and romantic shots of our clients that are sure to make you wanna get your pre wedding photoshoot soon.

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The spontaneous candid photography of the couple and the dear ones, or the cinematic angles of the rituals, or the classic family photograph. Our team of prolific photographers hone the niks and niches of every little genre. No matter what the style of ceremony be, you shall always find treasures in our offers!

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